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Use me, Holly, come on and use me

So there's this church, and these 3 couples want in. So the priest says, "Well, to get in, you have to abstain from sex for 1 month. Then you can join."

One month later...

The first couple says, "Im sorry, we're newlyweds. We couldnt even make it a week."
Priest says, "Sorry, you can't join."

Second couple says, "We almost made it, but last week, we had to have sex."
Priest says, "Well, I understand, but you cannot join this congregation if you are that weak willed."

Third couple, husband says, "Father, we were good. Until this morning. My wife bent over to pick up her fork she dropped, and I couldn't take it. I grabbed her then and there and we did it on the table at breakfast."
Priest says, "Ah, well, again, I'm sorry, but there's no place for you here."

The wife chimes in and says, "Oh, that's fine. We're not allowed back at Denny's either."


Ok, so, a piece of bacon, an egg, and a piece of toast walk into a bar. Bartender looks up and says, "Sorry, we don't serve breakfast."

Wait, one more.

A gay, a blonde, and a bear walk into a bar. Bartender looks up and says, "What is this? Some kinda joke?"
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