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*witty title*

I woke up at:
i think it was around 6:00

I began the day feeling:

The first major thing I did was:
drove to work (it takes me an hour to drive there). and then realized that i left home an hour early. and then sat in my car for 40 min.

I spent the day (pre 6pm) doing:

I spent the evening (post 6pm) doing:
still working. and then counting up my tips, bitch!!

I ended the day feeling:
sick. i sneezed all over my customers yesterday. haha!

Life is a movie, these five songs were on the soundtrack for today:
"i want your sex" george michael
"9 to 5" dolly parton
uh...i can't think of any more. sorry.

I left drunk yet cute commentary on Matt's IM/LiveJournal:
no. (sorry)

In closing:
i've been working my ass off 5 days straight and can't think clearly!! hooray!
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