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Rock the V

everybody's doing it, why should we?

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Welcome to Rock the V. Here, we don't care if you're emo, indie, punk, metal, whatever, because really, genres suck.

In addition, the majority of us are virgins. You don't have to be to join, but most of us are. And we revel in it. We rock out in it. Not because we're better than anyone, or because we want to rub anything in your face, but because a simple thing like that brought us together to build so much more.

What matters is that everyone here is rad and cool.

We are a community that cares, particularly because the founding member just rocks that damn much. The members rock a whole damn lot, but slightly less than the founding member. Matt is a Leo, so deal with it, arrogance and smugness goes with the turf.

So yeah. All the cool kids are in this club, and your life is meaningless and hollow until you join.

Rock the V is Maintained by:

Matt aka fulleffect
email: alkalinekitten@yahoo.com

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